The Original Automatic Quick Coupler System.

OQ Original

For 27 years,  OilQuick has been doing what our competition now calls new product development.

Back in 1993 we had an idea, we materialized it and out came OQ – The original world leading fully automatic quick coupler system.

Now with more than 30,000 systems sold worldwide!

Lately, copies have been surfacing calling themselves revolutionary new products. Some of these copies also claim to be compatible with the Oilquick original, which is incorrect information!

Thru years of innovation and research, we have established a quality process that will guarantee compatibility between every generation of OilQuick quick couplers.

And as you all know – experience matters!

Reliability, high quality, safety and service is what we offer better than anyone else.

When you choose OilQuick you can look forward to a problem-free relationship for many years to come. 

OilQuickUSA is the USA authorized dealer of the OilQuick Automatic Quick Coupler System. OilQuickUSA is an Exodus company. 

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