OilQuick tiltrotator is a hydraulic joint that turns your excavator into a highly versatile machine. If you mount automatic OilQuick quick couplers on top of and underneath the Tiltrotator, it not only tilts to the side and rotates for greater maneuverability but also enables you to attach hydraulic tools within a few seconds.

OQ Tiltrotator

A flexible and competent hydraulic wrist

OQTR-E is based on Engcon’s market leading rotor body and OilQuick’s well proven quality couplers. The OQTR-E comes in four models; OQTR-E14, OQTR-E19, OQTR-E26 and OQTR-E33.

Using the OilQuick tiltrotator equipped with the sandwich solution, the driver can tilt, rotate or change the tiltrotator for a bucket or other attachment and also change hydraulic tools under the tiltrotator without having to leave the cab.  OilQuick also supplies a complete range of tools and accessories for tiltrotators.

Benefits with OilQuick Tiltrotator

OilQuick takes the tiltrotator to a new level
With an OilQuick tiltrotator you quickly change hydraulic work tools directly from the drivers cab. 

Quick return on your OilQuick investment
When excavating with the tiltrotator, the machine lifts about an extra 55 tons every hour (using the tiltrotator for 15 ton excavators). This results in additional fuel costs of around $3.00 to $4.00 per hour. The tiltrotator can help you save fuel costs and substantially reduce maintenance and repair costs

OilQuickUSA OQTR-E14
OQTR - E14
OilQuickUSA OQTR-E19
OilQuickUSA OQTR-E26
OilQuickUSA OQTR-E33

OQTR – E Technical Data

ModelOQTR – E14OQTR – E19OQTR – E26 OQTR – E33
Machine Weight9 – 14 t14 – 19 t19 – 26 t 24 -33 t
Max. Breaking Torque126 kNm186 kNm270 kNm340 kNm
Max. Bucket Width1600 mm1700 mm2000 mm2200 mm
Max. Hydraulic Pressure22 MPa22 MPa22 MPa25 MPa
Rec. Hydraulic Flow DC280 L/min120 L/min120 L/min120 L/min
Rec. Hydraulic Flow Tilt/Rotation OQCS-435/50 L/min65/70 L/min70/70 L/min70/70 L/min
Max. Return Line Pressure2,5 MPa2,5 MPa2,5 MPa2,5 MPa
Max. Hydraulic Flow Tilt/Rotation OQCS-470/100* L/min100 L/min100 L/min100 L/min
Swivel Channel Extra Function4444
Swivel Channel Locking Function2222
Tilt Angle2 x 45°2 x 45°2 x 45°2 x 45°
Tilting Speed at Hydraulic Flow3/40 s/L/min3/65 s/L/min5/43 s/L/min5/63 s/L/min
Rotation Speed for One Rotation at Hydraulic Flow7/50 s/L/min6.5/70 s/L/min7/70 s/L/min7/100 s/L/min
Standard Dimensions Extra Outlet1/2″, 3/4″3/4″1″1″
No. of lubrication points5, standard
5, standard
5, standard
5, standard
No. of lubrication points through OQ-function
4, option
4, option
4, option
4, option
Rotation sensor and ePS
Yes, standard
Yes, standard
Yes, standard
Yes, standard
Tilt cylinder, double acting with load holding valve
Yes, standard
Yes, standard
Yes, standard
Yes, standard

OQ Tiltrotator Options 

Control System
OilQuickUSA OQTR enables you to choose a control system to suite your excavator and other options. All systems will meet both current safety requirements and the coming ISO 13031 standard. 
You can choose between TLE (Tilt-Lock Extra) and ICS.
High-flow swivel

Our high-flow swivel provides even greater versatility for running high-flow tools.


Right position at any angle. Integrate RPS with your grade control system for unique precicion and maximum efficiency.

OQ Control System

The grapple module is an efficient picking and handling tool which makes your excavator even more versatile.

MIG2 Joysticks

MIG2 Joysticks for excavators combine maximum ergonomics and functionality.

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